Boilers in Abilene

As the cooler months begin to creep into Abilene, many families and business owners are beginning to think about the types of heating systems that they will invest in this coming winter to keep their homes and places of work warm. Anytime Air Conditioning and Heating is Abilene’s leading expert in residential and commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. We provide full-service repair, installation and inspections of boilers and other types of heating systems. Whatever your needs, our team of friendly and knowledgeable experts will be sure to find a solution to satisfy your heating needs.

There are many heating options available in the Abilene area, depending on your needs. At Anytime Air Conditioning and Heating, we often recommend that our clients consider a boiler heating system. If you’ve never considered this type of heating system for your home, we can inform you of some basic benefits to having this type of system.

Boilers: How Do They Work?

A boiler system is similar in concept to a furnace, however they differ in that a boiler heats the home using water and distributes the heated water throughout the space via a network of pipes. The pipes are often installed in the flooring or along the walls. The heat coming from the pipes and the radiators is what heats the room. Because of the fact that piping has to be installed, it may be slightly more costly to initially install the boiler, but the maintenance is fewer and far between than a furnace and it has a longer lifespan.

What Are Some Benefits to Having a Boiler?

Boilers are Energy Efficient

Many of our existing clients in Abilene enjoy saving valuable dollars every month on their energy bills due to the fact that their boilers take up less energy than a furnace would. Heat produced by hot water is much more consistent as the water is able to sustain heat longer, therefore using less energy to heat a room. Furthermore, it is common for furnaces to experience leaks in their air ducts, which are responsible for up to 30% in heat loss.

Boilers Heat the Room Evenly

The heat produced by a boiler system is much more consistent then a forced air system. Consider the fact that when air is hot, it rises. This creates cold pockets in the room, since the floor of the room remains cold. Unlike a forced air system, the heat coming from the water pipes heat the walls and floor, creating a much more evenly spread out temperature in the home.

If you are located in the Abilene area and are in need of a new heating system, consider installing a boiler. You won’t be disappointed when you experience the consistency, quality and energy savings that you will be enjoying with each use of your brand new boiler system. Don’t wait until it’s too late and you’re stuck in the cold, call Anytime Air Conditioning and Heating today and start heating things up!