Air Conditioning in Abilene

A fully functional and reliable air conditioner is the secret to a comfortable home or work environment. Without a well-working AC unit, there is no refuge from the uncomfortable temperatures of the outside world. When homeowners and businesses want to make sure their air conditioner works exactly as it should, they contact Anytime Air Conditioning and Heating—and for good reason.

We are masters of optimizing air conditioners to perfection. With our services at your disposal, your AC will never let you down.

Offering the finest air conditioning repairs, installations, and maintenance services, we are the team for you. Call us at (325) 232-8220 for a quote on any of our services.


Your All-in-One Air Conditioning Contractors

As the leading air conditioning experts in the region, we've come to understand what clients want from service providers like us. They want value-driven, full-spectrum service—and that is why we go so far as to offer all the heating and cooling services favored by individuals in the region. From last-minute repairs to swift installations and in-depth inspections, we truly do it all. As is to be expected, we carry out all these services with professionalism and ease.

Whether you're looking to replace the coils, install a new unit, or finally address that unreliable compressor fan, we can help you. We'll make sure you get the most out of your AC unit. Contact our contractors at your earliest convenience.

Stay Cool and Save Big with AC Repairs

There are those repairs that leave you with a muggy apartment on hot summer days, and there are those AC problems that go unnoticed for some time. Here, we uncover and correct the easy-to-identify and hard-to-detect problems.

We have the expertise and the equipment to address AC issues, both big and small. Some of the most common air conditioner issues we address include:

  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Drainage issues
  • Frozen and damaged condenser coils
  • Faulty compressor fans
  • And more

Fast Turnarounds

When it comes to repairs, we make it our mission to carry out our duties swiftly. Don't worry—our expertise ensures that we complete our repairs without cutting corners. We never sacrifice our patented quality. In fact, we even set aside time to double-check every aspect of our handiwork.

Up-Front Quotes

Homeowners and business owners alike value transparency. In the interest of leaving nothing to the imagination, we offer accurate and up-front quotes on all types of repairs and other services.

Keep Comfortable with Our AC Contractors

Keeping your space cool is key to your overall comfort. When your air conditioning unit is on the brink, you'll know it, and you'll need a team of repair experts you can trust to get it up and running.

Anytime Air Conditioning and Heating is proud to have been providing superior air conditioning services in the community of Abilene for many years. We take pride in delivering services that are fast, affordable, and reliable.

For all your air conditioning needs, including installations, maintenance, and repair, call (325) 232-8220 today.

Reliable Air Conditioning Repairs

If your air conditioning is not functioning to the best of its ability, you want to have the unit inspected and repaired right away.

There are few surefire signs that your air conditioning is malfunctioning, including, but not limited to:

  • Warm air
  • Inaccurate thermostat
  • Strange odors or sounds
  • Poor airflow
  • Humidity
  • Leaking water
  • Higher energy bills

If you're experiencing any of these issues, contact our team. Our technicians have years of extensive experience working with air conditioners of all makes and models. We will use our expertise to examine your unit carefully and diagnose the root cause of the issue.

Expert AC Inspections

When you get in touch with us about suspected damage to your AC, we will schedule an inspection at a time that is convenient for you. At the agreed-upon time, our experts will come to your property and look at every inch of your AC system. From there, we will come up with a repair plan and provide you with a quote for the total cost of the service. In some cases, it may be necessary or recommended to replace your unit entirely. We will let you know your options.

Installing a New Air Conditioner

If your unit has extensive damage, or if it is over ten years old, it may need to be replaced altogether. When it comes to investing in an air conditioner, you want to ensure that you are buying the right product. Different units offer unique benefits for different homes and spaces.

Depending on the size, shape, and natural temperature of your space, various units will serve you differently. Whether you wish to install a central cooling system or if you need a hand installing a window unit, we have you covered.

To discuss the very best options for air conditioning installation, get in touch with our team today.

AC Maintenance for Long-Lasting Appliances

In the Texas heat, your air conditioner works hard to maintain the comfort of your home. With constant use, it is not uncommon for air conditioning units to experience their fair share of issues. The best way to avoid detrimental damage is to invest in regularly scheduled maintenance.

Our team is more than happy to come to your residence on an annual or semi-annual basis to conduct a quick yet detailed inspection of your unit. Ensuring that your AC is up to snuff is the best way to elongate its lifespan, and get the most for your money.

AC Technicians with the Right Tools for the Job

Our commitment to being the best AC company possible includes the type of equipment that we use to complete our jobs. With frequent maintenance and upgrades to our HVAC tools, we are always able to ensure quality work. If you have been searching for an AC service that will do everything they can to deliver the most authoritative service, then you have come to the right place.

Top-Quality Replacement Parts for Your AC Repair

Another reason that we are a great choice for all your air conditioner repairs is our promise to install replacement parts from trusted manufacturers. We make sure that we carefully research all the parts that we keep in stock, so you can breathe easy knowing that you are making a smart investment when using our services. Our brand name replacement parts allow us to guarantee long-lasting work for our clients, so give us a call the next time your AC unit is acting up.

Our AC Technicians Stay Ahead of the Curve

We work hard to maintain our place at the forefront of the HVAC industry. This means that we constantly stay up to date with all the developments in air conditioning technology and make sure that we know how to work with it. When you come to us for help with your cooling system, you are always guaranteed to receive reliable work from trusted experts.

24-Hour Emergency AC Service

If you find yourself with an air conditioning issue that can't wait, we are the company to call. We keep our lines open 24/7 and make sure we are ready to respond right away to any call that comes in. Even in the middle of the night, you can count on us to arrive at your location promptly and ready to resolve your situation quickly.

Experienced Air Conditioning Contractors

Having been working on cooling systems for many years now, we are proud to be a trustworthy source for all AC servicing. From installations and repairs to regular maintenance, we can provide you with everything you need to beat the heat. No matter what type of service you are looking for, you can rest assured knowing that we are well-versed and highly experienced on the task at hand.

Get Quality AC Service at a Price You Will Love

One of the reasons we have been able to create many loyal clients is our commitment to offering our professional work at unbeatable prices. When you contact us for any type of air conditioner work, you can be certain that you will get it at an affordable rate. Hidden and surprise fees are not part of the way we do business, which makes us an easy choice when you want HVAC services without overpaying.

Keep Your Property Energy-Efficient with Our AC Service

If your utility bills have been higher than anticipated lately, the problem could be coming from an inefficient AC unit. Contact our experts to inspect your HVAC system, and we will help you identify any potential issues. After our certified AC maintenance, you can be confident that you will not be spending more than necessary to cool your property.

Superior Air Conditioning Services from the Experts

HVAC is an acronym that stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. There are many different types of air conditioning units and manufactured products to suit the different demands of Abilene consumers. At Anytime Air Conditioning and Heating, we have experience installing, repairing and servicing air conditioning units of all types ranging from large-scale commercial units to smaller residential units and everything in between.

Some Common Types of Air Conditioning Systems

The most common type of air conditioning system is the split system. Most homes employ this type of air-conditioning system as it is affordable, efficient and common in the Abilene area. A split system air conditioning unit consists of an air-conditioning condenser. This type of air conditioning unit is most common with free standing homes since the unit typically sits outside, either at the side of or in the back of the home. In some cases, this unit can be placed on the roof of the home. Inside the home, it is typical to install the evaporator, air duct coils and ventilation system. The condenser condenses the refrigerant, turning it from a gas into a liquid state. It is then pushed into the evaporator and on through the air duct coils into the ventilator, where it reaches the different rooms in your home.

The packaged unit contains both heating and cooling units within one piece of equipment. This type of unit typically sits in the window of one room in the home. All of the components including the compressor, condenser, expansion value and coil are all kept within the same unit. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for cooling or heating one room within the home.

The portable air conditioner unit is convenient in that you can move it from room to room, however it runs solely on electricity. It is useful to keep this in mind when shopping for an air conditioning unit in Abilene or the surrounding areas because considering the hydro rates will help you make a more informed decision. Another downfall to this type of unit is that the exhaust pipe needs to be lead to the outside of the home, as it is dangerous to inhale its fumes. Not every room is outfitted with the requirements that this type of air conditioning system needs, therefore it does have its limitations.

Trust the AC Professionals at Anytime Air Conditioning and Heating

Because an air conditioning unit involves refrigerant, it is important to have it installed by a professional that is licensed and that you can trust. Anytime Air Conditioning and Heating has extensive experience in the field of HVAC installation, servicing and repair. You may be wondering what sets us apart from any other HVAC company. Our team of licensed, knowledgeable professionals are equipped to handle any job, be it large or small. We offer convenient, round-the-clock emergency services in case of an unexpected problem that you may experience in your home or business with your air conditioning unit. Furthermore, we offer competitive pricing and longstanding warranties which have you covered for years to come.

Air Conditioning Replacement Cost

Has your existing AC system seen better days? If you are considering air conditioning replacement but are put off by the potential cost, we’re the experts you can trust. We’ll make your replacement experience as budget friendly as possible. To do this, we maintain excellent working relations with our suppliers. This way, we can always pass the savings on to you. Reach out to us by phone today to discuss your unique AC needs. You won’t find a better deal anywhere else in the city.

Streamlined Air Conditioning Installation

No one wants to wait around all day for their air conditioning installation contractor to eventually show up. Your time is valuable to us, and for this reason, we provide flexible scheduling options that suit your needs and goals. We also show up on time for all appointments we have booked with you.

Fully stocked work vehicles allow us to get right down to business quickly. During an AC installation with us, you can expect:

  • Licensed and insured technicians who are friendly and respectful
  • Swift turnaround times
  • Cost-effective estimates that are fully transparent
  • Precision installation of AC units of all types
  • Exceptional craftsmanship and service
  • Guaranteed finished results

When we finish installing your new cooling unit, we’ll make sure to tidy up any working debris we create. Partner with an installation expert who puts your well-being first. Contact our offices today to request an estimate.

Choosing the Right Air Conditioning System

When selecting an air conditioning system that will suit the unique specifications of the space you want to keep cool, there are many factors that will come into play. Some of these include:

  • Pricing
  • Capacity
  • Special features
  • Installation requirements

Sit down with our specialists to discuss the many options available to you. We’re confident we can match you with a system that will meet your goals now and for many years to come.

Best Rates on Air Conditioning for your Garage

Let’s face it, a stifling hot garage is not the most inviting place to be, no matter how much work you would like to get done. To combat this, get the city’s best pricing on air conditioning for your garage or any other outbuilding you would like to keep cool during the warm summer months. You deserve to live, work, and play in comfort. Connect with us to discuss cost-saving options that won’t put a giant dent in your budget.

What to Do When Your Air Conditioning Doesn’t Turn on

Even the best air conditioning systems sometimes reach the end of their lifespans or experience problems from time to time. What do you do when your AC won’t turn on? There are many possible reasons for the interruption in your regular cooling service. For this reason, we suggest partnering with qualified experts like us, who can get to the root of the problem quickly and efficiently. Our value-driven solutions are second to none, and our exceptional work is always guaranteed. Ask us for a quote today.

Keep Cool by Contacting the Air Conditioning Experts

When it comes to your home or business, you should be as comfortable as you please. At least that's what the team at Anytime Air Conditioning and Heating thinks, anyways.

Make sure you get the most out of your heating and cooling system. With us, you'll feel the increase in efficiency any time you turn the dial, and you'll see that efficiency reflected in the monthly utility bills.

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